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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Voki And Text To Speech

Voki And Text To Speech have done it,

What is Voki?
Voki is an educational tool that allows users to create their very own talking character. Voki is created by Oddcast and is located in New York City.
Voki characters can be customized to look like historical figures, cartoons, animals, and even yourself! Give your Voki a voice by recording with a microphone, using our dial-in number, or uploading an audio file. Voki characters can be emailed, shared on social media, and embedded on websites!
What’s with the name?
Voki is a combination of the words “vox” and “Loki”. “Vox” is the Latin term for voice. Loki is a Norse god from Norse mythology. Loki is a trickster who has the ability to change his shape. Fitting name since Voki gives students and teachers the ability to change the character’s appearance and add a voice!
Will Voki always be free?
Yes, basic Voki will always be free for all educators and students! You can create unlimited Voki characters on your account. Basic Voki users have access to basic Voki characters. Characters with a banner notification are Voki Classroom characters. They are only available to Voki Classroom subscribers.
What is Voki Classroom?
Voki Classroom is a student, class, and lesson management system for Voki. With Voki Classroom, teachers are able to control their students’ privacy settings. Visit our Products page to see the benefits of upgrading to Voki Classroom.
Want to be up to date with Voki news?
We have great tips, tricks, and fun facts for all our fans on Facebook and Twitter! For more in-depth information, we have Tips of the Week, guest bloggers, interviews with educators and more on the Voki Blog. Just follow us on Twitter @officialvoki, like us on Facebook, or visit the Voki Blog.
Have a question?
Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page!
Contact us!
We are always here for you! If you have any problems, suggestions, or feedback, please drop us a line at!
This is one i did for a email I sent out to a friend he thought it was great way to share emails now they no longer have to read them just listen lol

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tex To Speech

I am proud to share with you this great service
I am going to show away to have fun and use this service to enhance away to express,
your feelings or explore the different ways perhaps, your interested in sharing and having fun
text to speech can do just that for you. Type in or copy and past your content up to a 1000 words.
Yesterday At the computer I asked my 5 year old grandson a question I said Joe
what makes you happy? Joe said this,
I like to watch Scooby Doo and one is not enough.I have to watch at least 2 a day and throw in a couple of scary  movies to have a good day.
Some Of Joe's  Favorites are pitch black, Riddick,Terminator all of them, but we had fun I wrote A text to speech and he got such joy to hear voice over tell what we had just said, he laughed as we kept listening to him.  Then I changed it to the female voice over and we had more laughs the precious,moments.
The link at the top of this page will take you to the story that I shared with you.
I think that you can come up with some ways to use this text to speech here is another
 way to say hi to your wife when you are away on work give her you personal touch and send her a text to speech here is a sample for your enjoyment
Here is my add sample, I had lots of fun doing this I really enjoy sharing my Ideas with you
Recently, I've become involved in something very powerful. So powerful, in fact, that I can't help but share it with one of the people I care most about – you.

I've included with this website is information regarding this exciting opportunity. An opportunity to realistically achieve the lifestyle you've always envisioned you would live. As little as 5 years you can build a Large Company,With through this information, try to reflect on your past and envision where your future is headed.

As you look forward, I hope you remember one very important fact. You are the only one who controls where you'll go tomorrow, and that control is gained from the decisions you make and the actions you take today.

Please take a few brief minutes and watch this video:
[VIDEO]> > > > > > > > > >
You'll see that there really is a way for you to make a difference in your financial future. Although not everyone sees the wisdom in helping themselves in this way, it really is an opportunity for anyone and everyone who wants to work together to achieve great success.
her is the text to speech

 Here is a U tube Favorite of mine  for you to see this act is funny

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